Monday, April 15

5 Common Sun Myths All Women Runners Should Know About

Did you understand that you can obtain sunburn also on overcast days when you are out for a run? Many underestimate the degree of defense necessary when on the track or trail. As we head right into the last days of summer, it’s time to expose 5 of the most common misconceptions concerning the sunlight and also UV protection. By dodging these misconceptions, we can all do the most effective to safeguard ourselves from UV rays while keeping in shape.

Misconception # 1: UV damages to the eyes can be turned around.

Truth: Sunlight damage to the eyes is advancing, meaning the long-term damage can slowly build up.

Myth # 2: You don’t need to stress over putting on sunglasses when you’re running on a cloudy day.

Reality: UV rays can survive clouds and they just decrease the quantity of UV by around 10 percent. Cloudy days can still leave you prone to high degrees of UV direct exposure so it is essential to put on sunglasses even on gloomy days.

Myth # 3: Using darker tinted lenses during your run will give you a greater level of UV defense.

Truth: The tint of the lens will have no impact on UV security yet will change the amount of light that goes into your eye.

Myth # 4: Your eyes are just as conscious UV light as your skin.

Truth: Your eyes are ten times a lot more sensitive to UV light than your skin. Just as UV rays can shed your skin, they can also cause damage your eyes as well as your eyes are much more prone to damage than skin.

Myth # 5: Individuals with blue eyes have the exact same UV risk as every person else.

Fact: Individuals with blue eyes have much less safety melanin pigment in their iris, making them extra in danger to UV exposure and also even more susceptible to damages.