Tuesday, March 5

Nordic natural personal care market shows resilience, says Ecovia Intelligence

The Nordic market for all-natural personal care items is predicted to show healthy development this year. Consumer demand has actually stayed resilient throughout the coronavirus pandemic, according to brand-new research by Ecovia Intelligence (previously referred to as Organic Screen).

Natural personal care item sales have actually been boosting at double-digit rates. Although lockdowns and weak economic conditions have actually affected the retail and expert field, consumer demand for natural and also natural products has stayed strong. With over a half of all-natural personal treatment product sales from professional stores, pharmacies as well as grocery stores, sales have been less damaged than for traditional cosmetics as well as toiletries.

Denmark has the biggest all-natural personal care products market in the Nordic region. Natural items make up approximately 7% of overall individual treatment items in Denmark; the market share is among the highest in Europe. The Finnish all-natural personal care products market is predicted to show the highest growth in the coming years. Significant motorists of market development are increasing consumer awareness of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics & toiletries, expanding distribution, and also new product launches.

The Nordic market has actually observed a lot of new product launches in recent years. All-natural and also organic brands are being presented by startups, big cosmetic companies, and also merchants. The Nordic region currently has over 50 native brands, up from around 20 in 2008. Urtekram stays the marketplace leader, nevertheless its market share has been eroded by new entrants. Market winners are brand names that are focusing on clean solutions and targeting details market sections.

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